Energy efficiency

2030 target: -32,5% ! Are you ready ?

Energy efficiency is a fundamental issue in the management of energies, whatever their forms.
Energy efficiency is often confused with energy efficiency.
• Energy efficiency consists in minimizing the consumption of all energies to obtain the same comfort and the same services.
• Energy efficiency for its part is the ratio between the quantity of energy delivered and the quantity of energy delivered, that is to say the performance of an installation
With its solutions, SILENO addresses the issue of energy efficiency by enabling data acquisition, representation and analysis.
Horizon 2030 in Europe:
The European institutions have finalized an objective which is to reduce primary and final energy consumption by 32.5% by 2030 at Union level and which requires each state to put in place measures aimed at reducing their annual consumption. energy consumption by 44% on average by 2050.
The new Energy Efficiency Directive [(EU)2018/2002] entered into force in December 2018 and its transposition into the national law of the Member States took place on June 25, 2020.
The next step is the review of the Energy Efficiency Directive and in July 2021 the Commission proposed a review [COM(2021)0558] of the Energy Efficiency Directive as part of the “Achieving the European Green Deal’ and reducing the Union’s greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030 and becoming climate neutral by 2050. It proposes Increase the reduction targets for primary and final energy consumption, measured against the updated 2020 baseline projections, to 39% and 36%, respectively, by 2030.

Energy Efficiency Today!

If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it !

If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it !

Quote a bit overused but so important! To be able to improve your energy efficiency, it is essential to know the dynamic behavior of your installations in all detail. Having precise measurements and detailed records is the only solution to set up the necessary performance indicators (KPIs) and detect losses.
The waste of energy is enormous: the estimate is that 25% of the energy we consume falls within the domain of waste (source NGO Negawatt / COP21) and this is only electricity and fossil fuels in buildings.
We can add an impressive figure: 80.1% is the average efficiency of drinking water networks (source observatory of public water and sanitation services In France July 25, 2022). That is to say that indeed, out of five liters of water, one liter “is lost through leaks” which represents “nearly 937 million m3” lost on the scale of the country. This is the equivalent of the annual consumption of a region like Île-de-France!
Identifying these losses has an immediate and colossal impact on your expenses, which can exceed an immediate reduction of 25% without doing anything other than precisely measuring the energy consumed.
SILENO e3m is the platform that will allow you to measure your consumption of all types of energy, collect your data and easily identify energy losses and waste.

Energy efficiency is an obligation!

Energy efficiency is an obligation!

Energy efficiency is an obligation!
Climate change once promised by scientists has become a stark reality that we can all witness daily. It is time to systematically take into account our ecological, carbon and energy footprints. Awareness of the climate emergency must lead to considering energy efficiency as a moral obligation. But anyway, beyond this necessity, the increase in the cost of energy will quickly convince the most stubborn among us:

All sectors of the economy are impacted

All sectors of the economy are impacted

All sectors of the economy are impacted: buildings and industry in mind!
If we exclude consumption borne by households, the building and commercial tertiary sector remains by far the biggest consumer. The second sector is that of industry in general, with very significant variations depending on the industrial sector concerned.
Before 2022, the price of the cost of energy in the expenditure of tertiary buildings was around 40%.
In the field of industry, the most energy-intensive industries such as metallurgy, chemicals, etc. the percentage can reach up to 60% of operating budgets.
Since 2021 and the surge in fossil fuel prices, these percentages are even higher and the 2023 discounts are alarming with energy costs that could double or even triple or even more.
Consequently, everything allowing a reduction in consumption becomes a strategic issue and paradoxically, when the budgets are damaged by the crisis, the effect is immediate on the reduction in the time of return on investment which for certain cases is no longer counted in years but in a few months.

e3m can help

e3m : Energy Management Solution
e3m : Energy Management Solution

e3m from SILENO is a set of energy analysis tools of unparalleled power but of the simplest use and accessible to all

Fast installation
Fast installation

e3m brings results very rapidly. The installation can be done in a very time as at first, we are collecting data from existing equipments.

Data is the power
Data is the power

The key is access to the data: e3m is a solution that has all the data acquisition interfaces from field networks (BACnet, ModBus, MBus etc.) to more elaborate systems interfaces (OPC-DA/UA, MQTT) or IT exchanges (Rest-API, SQL...)

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