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Contracts - Costs - Clearings

c3m is a powerful energy contract management solution that offers a comprehensive approach to managing contracts, costs, and clearings. With c3m, you can create a facility map and associate each energy data point with a respective consumer / tenant and the conditions of their contracts. c3m make possible the full automation of the invoicing process, generating automatically accurate invoice with full details of the different energies consumptions (electricity, water, gas, fuel…).
Additionally, c3m tracks costs associated with energy procurement and provides clearings to ensure that businesses have accurate and transparent accounting records. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, c3m is the go-to solution for businesses looking to manage their energy contracts with ease and transparency. By providing a comprehensive view of contracts, costs, and clearings, c3m enables businesses to optimize their energy procurement strategies and make data-driven decisions that deliver real value while relieving operators of manual transaction processing time.

Comprehensible and understandable energy and utility bills

Any cost statement should be comprehensible and understandable for tenants and adapted to the most appropriate level of details. With the contract management c3m, each bill can individually adapted to the tenant and, if required later, with just a few “clicks” expanded or reduced.
The energy consumption details provided with each invoice make any dispute impossible and allow customers to visualize and understand their consumption.
This creates confidence and security and reduces the follow-up work and questions about the additional costs bills to a minimum. With c3m, utility bills are processed for both the administrator and the tenant transparent and understandable.
c3m has been installed for organization producing several thousands of invoices on regular basis and has proofed its ability to save time and money.

c3m advanced connectivity

c3m can connect to all third-party applications such as ERP, MES or all kind of business management applications. c3m feeds your business application with real energy consumption data. Invoices are supported by real, verified, and indisputable data, which considerably reduces conflicts and claims of any kind.

Consumers are also becoming aware of their energy consumption, which no longer boils down to a sum to be paid, but clear data on energy consumption and an upward or downward trend regardless of the price of the energy concerned.

For example, c3m has been integrated successfully with many different BI applications such as Integration SAP, Sage, QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics and moreā€¦

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