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SILENO is a company whose very essence is innovation and technological leadership. Created in 1997 under the name of SCADA SOFT then eMation, the company is the exclusive distributor for Switzerland of the most innovative SCADA software on the market, one of the first industrial software to offer a WEB interface. At the beginning of the 2000's, SILENO has started the development and deployment of the first EnMS (Energy Management Solution) and already in SAAS mode. 25 years of experience Over the years, SILENO has developed and created strong partnerships with various industrial partners, including Sauter Building Control, for example, which will market both SCADA and the e3m energy management solution (Sauter EMS). References accumulate and the position of Swiss reference in control and supervision is confirmed with several thousand customers and tens of millions of acquisition points managed by solutions offered by SILENO both through SCADA applications and energy management solution with e3m. In 2016, SILENO develops its subsidiaries in Spain and France to offer e3m in all French-speaking and Hispanic territories.

Our Values

At SILENO, our values are human and fundamental

We are independent and passionate

For more than 25 years, SILENO has been built and is a profitable, self-financed and free company, guarantee of sustainability for our customers. We have a real passion for technological innovation, for the success of our project, the projects of our customers and our employees.

We are responsible

We offer control solutions and we are aware that our tools are used to make important decisions that engage the responsibility of our users. We want the highest quality for our products and our services and when we are a victim of Murphy’s Law we face our responsibilities and correct them as soon as possible.

We are reliable

SILENO for 25 years has proven to be a reliable partner that honors its commitments over the long term. Our customers are our wealth and we are proud that the majority of our customers have remained so for so long. We are transparent to our customers in our choices, our decisions and our offer.

We are professional

Our products and services are developed by professionals for professionals. Our employees are all of high level and with the highest quality standards in their work, whatever their position in the company.

We are human

For SILENO, a company is above all built by the people who make it up and by its customers who bring it to life. But a member or a client of SILENO is above all a person to whom we have the greatest respect. SILENO adopts the principles of the diversity and corporate social responsibility charters.

SILENO group continues its fast growth with the structuration of the french team with a new technical support organization, new sales engineers growing the team to over 10 people !
SILENO group formed a new Executive Committee of experienced executives with impressive proven track record of success of the area of SCADA and EMS solutions.
SILENO France boosts its growth with the massive recruitment of R&D engineers with a great experience in SCADA application development.
SILENO is going international and established its subsidiaries in France and in Spain expanding business's operations, products, and services outside of its native Swiss market.
To reflect the reality of its activity and the exponential growth of the EMS activity on international basis, the company changes its name to SILENO
The e3m Data Center 3.0 as well as the SMINT Box are released. Certification of our products as BACnet Advanced Workstation (B-AWS).
Fr. Sauter AG becomes the first OEM customer of e3m under the name of Sauter EMS. SCADA SOFT changes name to Emation in cooperation with Emation Germany.
Moving to the new owned building in Beringen. Wizcon turns into ControlMaestro. Exclusive distribution of the MESA System from OPIT Solutions AG under the name of e3m.
Christoph Vogelsanger takes over 100 % of the company after the leaving of Michael Eitel. PSI (Paul Scherrer Institut) and SBB (Swiss Railways) choose Wizcon SCADA.
Foundation of SCADA SOFT AG by Christoph Vogelsanger and Michael Eitel, place of business in Neuhausen am Rheinfall. Exclusive distributor of Wizcon for Switzerland.

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