SILENO:<br>Energy Efficiency made easy !

Energy Efficiency made easy !

SILENO is an innovative solution provider that focuses on the supervision and monitoring of energies in buildings and industrial facilities. With extensive experience in EnMS (Energy Efficiency Solutions), our e3m offer is an unique solution for energy, environment and energy efficiency management, SILENO helps companies and organizations to supervise and control their installation and reduce their energy consumption, environmental impact and costs, while improving their operational functioning. efficiency.

Since 1997, SILENO has proven unequaled experience in these very technical fields and has deployed several thousand sites, from the simplest to the most demanding technical architectures. We make it easy for you!

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EMS<br>Energy Management Solution
Energy Management Solution

SILENO e3m is combining Big Data, IoT, data analysis technologies to offer you the best of the green tech solution.

An unique experience of several million supervised data points
An unique experience of several million supervised data points

With over 15 years of deployment of e3m solutions and 25 years of SCADA solutions, SILENO has an unique, amazing and unrivaled experience at your service.

Quality of customer services
Quality of customer services

Quality of the customer service is the most important factor for success and builds trust and loyalty, leading to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth marketing. It has built SILENO’s differentiation and strong reputation.

Swiss Quality
Swiss Quality

The Swiss tradition of quality is renowned for its precision, reliability, and innovation. As Swiss software company, SILENO prioritizes quality assurance, using rigorous testing and development processes to ensure that our solution meet the highest standards.

Our offer

e3m: Energy Efficiency made easy

With SILENO e3m, reaching your most ambitious goals of energy efficiency has never been so easy. Combining pervasive data acquisition, BIG DATA and IoT technologies, the advanced features of e3m enables the fast and easy customization of your application.

Available as SAAS (Software As A Service) or on-premises, e3m SERVER can also integrates e3m BOX, acting as a local data acquisition node as well as a secured gateway to report data points and alarms to the server application. e3m BOXes are also embedding SCADA graphic applications for local real time monitoring of your installations.

e3m enables the design and implementation of IT systems, resilient to disruptions, such as power outages, hardware failure, interrupted connectivity, to avoid costly downtime and data loss.

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c3m: Contract Management solution in a click

c3m is a SAAS software solution designed to complement the e3m (Energy Efficiency Solution by SILENO) and is used to manage energy efficiency contracts between building owners, energy services companies (ESCOs) and tenants. c3m is widely used in the energy management industry to help streamline the management of energy efficiency contracts by automating many of the processes involved in contract management. The software is designed to integrate seamlessly with e3m, and can be used to manage the entire contract lifecycle, from initial contract negotiation, invoices, compensations… to final contract closeout.

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a3m: the easiest way for immediate energy asset monitoring

a3m is an Asset and Analytics Management software solution designed to complement e3m, the Energy Efficiency Solution by SILENO. This SAAS software is designed to integrate seamlessly with the e3m, and can be used to manage the entire lifecycle of energy efficiency assets, from planning and installation to maintenance and replacement. a3m is designed to help energy managers and building owners optimize their energy efficiency investments by providing comprehensive asset management and analytics capabilities with its ability to monitor and analyze energy usage data from building assets in real-time. This data can be used to identify inefficiencies and areas for improvement, allowing energy managers to take proactive steps to optimize energy usage and reduce costs. The software can also help identify potential equipment failures before they occur, allowing for preventative maintenance and reducing downtime.

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Energy is certainly the main challenge for our future. Whether it is the inevitable cessation of fossil fuels, the production of water and any other form of energy, there is no doubt that these are the overriding concerns ahead. Sileno strongly believes that technologies such SCADA, IOT and BIG DATA are efficient tools to help facing the inevitable requirements of the new energy efficiency era.
Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is the reduction of energy consumption while maintaining or improving the quality of products, services and comfort. It's the unavoidable challenge of the coming times to optimize energy, reduce waste while meeting the growing demand for clean and sustainable energy.

Big Data

Big data technology deals with massive amounts of data collected from various sources and is key for energy efficiency optimization. The technology includes tools for data storage, data processing, data visualization, and data analysis and have for rules the three V: “Volume, Velocity, Variety”.

IOT & Greentech

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a major tool in the development of Greentech solutions as it makes possible to measure data which it was not possible to access until today in such a simple and timely manner. SILENO solutions are embedding IoT sensors and middleware.

  • Free white book: the ultimate guide of energy efficiency standards

    Free white book: the ultimate guide of energy efficiency standards


    SILENO releases the "Ultimate Guide to Energy Efficiency Standards"

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  • e3m Box-NANO is released

    e3m Box-NANO is released


    To complete its range of e3m boxes, SILENO has announced a new version : e3m Box-NANO. Easy to install, cost effective, a e3m-Box-NANO is designed for easy data acquisition at energy delivery point for example.

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  • e3m new version

    e3m new version


    SILENO has announced a new release of its energy management solution and flag-ship product e3m with version 5.2 now available

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  • BACnet and Node-RED, the winning combo

    BACnet and Node-RED, the winning combo


    SILENO presents its e3m solution for managing your energy efficiency that combines full SAAS operation, full BACnet and Node-RED compatibility.

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  • 1997-2023: 25 years of success !

    1997-2023: 25 years of success !


    In 2023, SILENO, founded by Christoph Vogelsanger in 1997, will celebrate its 25th anniversary!

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  • Buildings : How to halve your energy bills?

    Buildings : How to halve your energy bills?


    300kWh/m²/year are consumed on average by a building without control while only 180kWh/m²/year by a building with control.

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